Discover The 5-Step Training Our Athletes Use To Create A Bulletproof, High-Performing Winning Mindset so They Get College Scholarships or Professional Contracts

(Even if they have been counted out time and time again
from ever achieving their dreams)

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Coach Mendo

Wayne Mendezona is a renowned motivational speaker, mental toughness mindset coach, and the author of his new book “Maximizing Your Results”.

He is also the proud business owner of Quick Handle Basketball for the past 26 years. His basketball training program features camps, clinics, individual and group training along with mental toughness work sessions and classes.

His diversity and success both in speaking and training accomplishments have delivered proven results in numerous states and countries around the world.

 The real reason why working out harder, not listening to the right people, and going at it alone is not a good strategy for gaining college or overseas professional attention... and how any athlete can begin achieving their athletic dreams starting today.

In this presentation, you will discover...

 The undeniable truth why many Players never reach their full potential and continue to struggle in mediocrity, even losing hope, and the proven program (used over the past 28 years) that will super-change any athletes game radically from the inside out.

 The secret our athletes use to immediately tap into their unstoppable greatness mindset and completely dominate their competition in a short period of time… without training harder.

 How our athletes develop a pressure clutch performance mindset in rising up to to big time game challenges by applying our unique athletic mind-shift.

 The formula for an instant surge of athletic confidence (nobody talks about) and the proven steps to creating instantaneous athletic breakthroughs starting today… even if confidence has always been an issue.

 And how to do all of this while staying completely true to yourself, falling back in love with your sport again, and becoming the athlete you always wanted to be.

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